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Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at
Sun Nov 3 18:49:39 PST 2002

On Sat, 2002-11-02 at 11:19, Jamie wrote:

>      I was wondering if anyone can explain why some of the packages for
> lfs are compiled with options set in configure, while other packages are
> compiled with certain options set in "make". For example, two different
> packages used in lfs, file-utils and gzip, each pass the argument
> LDFLAGS=-static, but file-utils does it when configure runs, and gzip does
> it when make is performed. Here is a snapshot:
>      Why is there a difference between the two? Does the sequence even
> matter and one just happened to be set in one location while the other was
> set differently, or does it really matter and if so why?
>    I was looking into some tutorials on the Net which cover autoconf and
> make, but none of them seemed to point out the answer to my question.
> Thanks!

The reason is simply that not every project is using the same set or
subset of GNU configuration scripts.  Some projects, like XFree86, have
something entirely made up from whole cloth that only looks like normal
build scripts on the _surface_.   When you're looking at these things,
keep in mind that the projects were each started at vastly different
points in time, and as you deal with newer projects, they tend to have
more elegantly constructed build scripts (which will look more alike). 
It also helps if a package is rigorously maintained, because some
projects might be really old, but the package maintainers might be
regularly upgrading the build scripts as well as the code.  (Most don't
bother with build script changes until the tools they're dependent upon
are declared obsolete and/or cancer-causing agents in laboratory rats
who program in Fortran-77.)
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