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Ken Anderson mildseven at
Sun Nov 3 14:44:18 PST 2002

Hi everyone
  I installed LFS sucessfully. before i moved to blfs, i tried to do a few things. Here are a few of my problems.

First of all, i am having a problem compiling imlib, says libjpeg not found even though i did compile it. i suspect it is something simple.

Second is the more interesting problem. I want to use rpm as my package manager. and so i downloaded rpm source and tried to compile it unsuccessfully. then i unpacked the binary targz and tried to run it. some libs missing. compiled them. then when i try to install anything it says things like gcc missing, or glibc missing. I have already compiled it but obviously rpm doesnt see them all. do you think i could just manually add the list of packages somewhere (/var/log/packages maybe???). i dont think this would work but if it does, please let me know here to add the list of packages and how.

If that doesnt work, maybe i can chroot into my /static system and then either compile rpm 4.1 or unpack the binaries and start installing  all the needed packages. get glibc-2.3.1-x.i686.rpm and all the other ones and install them. any ideas on that? where would i stop following the book and start off on my own to build a rpm based system. i am thinking after i create all the required directories, i should unpack rpm and force/nodep install a few packages and then hopfully things will go smoothly from there. does anybody see a problem with this.

and finally, anyone have a static.tar.bz2 :-)??? i dont wanna go ahead and statically compile all programs for the /static system again. it would be great fi someone already had it.

hopefully u find atleast one of the questions interesting :-)



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