Ext3 - OOPS!

David C david at desolateonline.com
Sun Nov 3 14:11:22 PST 2002

On Sunday 03 November 2002 04:08 pm, you wrote:

> ext2 and ext3 are basically the same thing except ext3 adds a
> journal. It is extremely easy to convert an ext2 file system to ext3:
> 1) Make sure you have ext3 support compiled into your kernel.
> 2) In fstab, look for the line(s) for the filesystem you want to
> convert to ext3. They will likely have ext2 as their type. Change
> this to ext3 or auto. The advantage of auto is just in case you ever
> compile a kernel and forget to select ext3 support, this way you'll
> still be able to boot your file system.
> 3) Run the command: tune2fs -j /dev/<partition here> for each ext2
> partition you wish to convert to ext3.
> Run man tune2fs for more/better information.
> Hope this helps ya...

DOH! Umm, please ignore this. I mistakenly read your post as wanting to 
go to ext3 from ext2, which would be a more common request.

Just curious, why is it you'd rather run ext2 than ext3?

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