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On Sunday 03 November 2002 11:30 am, you wrote:
> On Sunday 03 November 2002 18:05, you wrote:
>  > OK - had to reinstall MDK since I used an old HD and it coughed a
>  > hairball on me. The one problem I have now is that I mistakenly
>  > made the filesystems ext3, not ext2. Can I just edit /etc/fstab
>  > and make the system run as ext2?
> Yes, you can. If you use ext2 instead of ext3, you won't be able to
> use the journalling facilities of ext3, but you'll be able to mount
> the FS as ext2. Revert to ext3 as soon as you get ext3 support again
> (In fact, ext2 shall not make any damage to an ext3 FS, as long as it
> is correctly unmounted before shutdown). IIRC.
> Cheers,
> Yann.
ext2 and ext3 are basically the same thing except ext3 adds a journal. 
It is extremely easy to convert an ext2 file system to ext3:

1) Make sure you have ext3 support compiled into your kernel.
2) In fstab, look for the line(s) for the filesystem you want to convert 
to ext3. They will likely have ext2 as their type. Change this to ext3 
or auto. The advantage of auto is just in case you ever compile a 
kernel and forget to select ext3 support, this way you'll still be able 
to boot your file system.
3) Run the command: tune2fs -j /dev/<partition here> for each ext2 
partition you wish to convert to ext3.

Run man tune2fs for more/better information.

Hope this helps ya...
David C.
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