LFS on older Sparcs

Jamie Norwood mistwolf at mushhaven.net
Sun Nov 3 11:53:11 PST 2002

on Sat, 02 Nov 2002 12:53:40 -0800, adam boz stated:
> Jamie Norwood wrote:
>> I'm about to give this a whirl on an old SPARCstation 5, and was
>> wondering if anyone else out there has done this on that era sparc? Any
>> pitfalls I should watch out for?
>> Jamie
> I'm thinking about doing the same w/ SPARCstation IPX model 4/50 I got a 
> hold of.... the only thing is... the freak'n floppy doesn't work :-(
> Is there any way around this?
> I can get in right now via serial connection, and I MIGHT be able to set 
> up an ethernet connection too, but how would I use any of these to build 
> the lfs?

I have no working floppy in mine, but I do have a CDROM. I am installing
Debian on it, and ssh, enough to get going. I will DL packages onto my
windows box, then SCP them over, for the moment. I'm only on dialup
here, so things will go slow. :)

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