chroot /static/bin/env -i... needed?

adam boz adam_boz at
Sat Nov 2 13:00:58 PST 2002

Hi all.  I am wondering if it is really needed to remove the current 
environment when "entering the chrooted environment".  I am asking 
because I have built a bootable cd of an lfs, and wrote a bash script to 
install another, and I can't figure out how to keep the program going 
after this step.  What I have done, is to put the environment settings 
that we set in that step in the $LFS/root dir, and put this line int the 

if [ -e /root/lfs_install_step_1 ]; then

I had the first script touch the "/root/lfs_install_step_1" file (kindof 
like my own lock file), and the second script deletes it, so that works 
o.k., but will I run into problems b/c I didn't erase the environment?

any feedback would be great

thanks in advance


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