Question regarding compiling packages

Jamie jamie at
Sat Nov 2 09:19:32 PST 2002

     I was wondering if anyone can explain why some of the packages for
lfs are compiled with options set in configure, while other packages are
compiled with certain options set in "make". For example, two different
packages used in lfs, file-utils and gzip, each pass the argument
LDFLAGS=-static, but file-utils does it when configure runs, and gzip does
it when make is performed. Here is a snapshot:


   LDFLAGS=-static \
   ./configure --disable-nls --prefix=$LFS/static &&
   make &&
   make install

    --above you can see that LDFLAGS is set before configure runs.


    ./configure --prefix=$LFS/static &&
    make LDFLAGS=-static &&
    make install

     --in this example LDFLAGS is set when make is run.

     Why is there a difference between the two? Does the sequence even
matter and one just happened to be set in one location while the other was
set differently, or does it really matter and if so why?

   I was looking into some tutorials on the Net which cover autoconf and
make, but none of them seemed to point out the answer to my question.

    - Jamie

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