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Sat Nov 2 09:07:34 PST 2002

On Sat, 2 Nov 2002, Timm F. Gloger wrote:
>i am just finishing my lfs 4.0 and now i am ready to compile the kernel.
>my problem: i want to use modules and  in the book is written, i need a 
>modules.conf file.
>my problem:
>what has to be written into this file?

You have not specified enough to get a "do this" answer. I suggest reading
"man modules.conf". But as an example, if you have an ethernet card that
has it's driver modularized, you might put someting like this in
modules.conf, if your ethernet card is a 3c509

    alias eth0 3c509 irq=10

You may not need the "irq=" or any other parameters - it depends on your

Also, see $LFS/usr/src/Documentation/INDEX*, which will have a list of
interesting reading, some of which will relate to modules.


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