USB Support fails

David C david at
Fri Nov 1 08:24:55 PST 2002

On Friday 01 November 2002 02:37 am, you wrote:
> * David C <david at> [2002-11-01 08:21]:
> > Mount: mount point /proc/bus/usb does not exist        [failed]
> If you have the right usb modules loaded, the mount point appears. I
> have forgotten which ones are needed, as I now complie them into the
> kernel.
> Richard
Ok, then if I just recompile my kernel (which I need to do for something 
else anyway), and this time compile the USB stuff into the kernel 
instead of as modules - also taking care not to leave out any important 
ones, then hopefully that should do the trick?

I realize that's more of a workaround than a true solution to the 
problem, but if it works it's fine with me as I prefer to compile most 
needed things into the kernel anyway, forgoing modules except for less 
often used things, like my ZIP drive.

In this case I had used the .config file from my RH 8.0 kernel, and 
wanted to change as little as possible for a first run through. Now 
I'll go back through and start tuning things up.

David C.
Linux user #277013

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