Can I use the FreeBSD to make my LFS?

cll muzh muzh at
Fri Nov 1 02:24:52 PST 2002

On Fri, 01 Nov 2002 16:28, Joskey Liaus wrote:
> Thank you for reading my mail!
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> I don't want use Linux to make my LFS,
> I think LFS should be created by none Linux os!
> If yes, There are some different to do it?
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>                                        Joskey Liaus
>                                        liaus at

Don't know.
I believe FreeBSD has a linux emulation mode.
You might like to try that and report.
Incidently, it is normal for an operating system to use itself to build and 
install itself.  Even Windows boots into a basic windowsGUI in order to 
install itself, and all Linux distros boot some form pof Linux from the 
installation disks before they can install it.

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