restarting init

Marc Heerdink marc at
Sun Mar 31 03:47:03 PST 2002

Op zo 31-03-2002, om 09:31 schreef Jeff:
> I can't seem to force init to shutdown and re-read inittab. I've used
> kill -SIGHUP 1, killall -HUP init, telinit q, and some others (mainly using
> SIGUSR1 in place of SIGHUP). There is no response. Can someone post the
> correct command? Thanks!

kill -1 1

init q

either one should work, if they don't (and you've disabled some agettys
for instance) try killing the leftover processes manually. They
shouldn't be restarted anymore.

- A Cow.

Marc Heerdink <marc at>

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