Rod Roark rod at
Fri Mar 29 09:50:36 PST 2002

I use reiser because:

(1) there's no filesystem corruption or fsck'ing if the 
    machine dies
(2) it's more space-efficient than ext2/3
(3) it's fast
(4) it's relatively mature, with established kernel support
(5) it's great at letting you know if you have flakey 
    hardware  ;-)

See for more of the sales pitch.

-- Rod

On Wednesday 13 March 2002 00:36, STUPID USER wrote:
> hy ng
> is there annybody who can tell me the advantages of the reiserfs?
> I'd like to build a linux system from scratch because of diseasters I've
> had with pre-build distributions.
> I need a system that only runs the progs I want it to run.
> While preparing the new build on a slackware 8.0 machine I began
> wondering about the need or the advantages of the reiserfs. What's the
> difference between a reiserfs and an ext2fs.
> thank you for comment
> S.U.
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