booting new system

Bill Williamson batkiwi at
Sun Mar 24 19:05:29 PST 2002

I asked this before, but am further along and am running into problems.

My old linux system on hda, a 20gig.
My new LFS system, on hdb, a 4 gig.

My old slackware lilo.conf:

My new LFS lilo.conf (on hdb)

As gerard suggested, I ran (while chrooted into $LFS) 'lilo -b /dev/hdb'.

When I boot up, I get stuck on LI

I know this means disk geometry is incorrect.  At first ALL i had was the
last 4 lines in my LFS lilo.conf.  Since I thought LBA might be the problem,
i copy/pasted the top non-image parts of my slackware lilo.conf (hence the
bogus generated by... comment) hoping it would fix it, but it's not working.

What I'm physically doing:
1. chroot into $LFS environment
2. tweaking lilo.conf
3. running 'lilo -b /dev/hdb'
4. exit, shutdown -h now, poweroff
5. unplug both harddrives.  Swap jumper on 4 gig to be primary master, plug
into end of IDE cable.  20gig is unplugged (want to keep it that way until i
can boot with just the 4 gigger).
6. turn on power... primary master detected by bios... LI

Is there a problem with my lilo.conf, or something else?


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