Removing Source Tree in Ch 5 [Was Re: problem installing Installing Texinfo-4.0]

Don Smith midio at
Thu Mar 21 11:50:39 PST 2002

""Seth W. Klein"" <sk at> wrote in message at
> Mostly, however, i think sending the FAQ in the list welcome message
> is a waste because find myself thinking of welcome messages as
> containing no information i need to read. I save them for unsubscribe
> instructions which i'm not interested in until later. I think if
> someone like me thinks he doesn't need to read the welcome message,
> many people won't read it at all.

I agree with Seth on this. If I received a FAQ upon registering with a
mailing list, I would assume that it was a FAQ about how to use the
list. Bad assumption, true, but that is just the way humans work.
Perhaps a short welcome message saying, "Before posting a question, as a
courtesy to everyone else on this list, please do the following to see
if your question has already been answered."


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