send FAQ on subscription [was: Re: Removing Source Tree in Ch 5 [Was Re: problem installing Installing Texinfo-4.0]]

Tush tush at
Thu Mar 21 07:12:32 PST 2002

I think sending the FAQ or the FAQ link on subscription won't solve 
since there are people who don't subscribe to the mailing list and/or 
use the newsgroup.

One solution is to modify the "How to Ask for Help" section of Chapter 2 
in the LFS Book. We can expand the section to include links to the FAQ, 
the LFS Archive search engine and to Google's Linux search. Also include 
a note (this I have seen in many projects) that if the user asks a often 
repeated problem that is asnwered numerous times before, without 
bothering to try searching for help before, he/she may get flamed. There 
have been times when I was a newbie that this line prevented me from 
posting something before RTM.

Also in Chapter 9 "Rebooting the System" we could include links to BLFS, 
LFS hints and FreshMeat explaining how they can 'expand' their LFS with 
additional packages.

My 2¢.


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