LFS Boot cd easy - mkisofs problem

Christophe Devine devine at debiam.org
Tue Mar 19 15:41:14 PST 2002

Michel Ferreol wrote:

> i have an other problem when i try to start with the burned CD:
> Kernel Panic VFS : Unable to mount root fs  on 03:00 on  lilo.conf

Well, LILO probably passed root=/dev/hda to the kernel, which tried
to mount hda and failed. If you're using initrd, I think you should add
'root=/dev/ram0' in the lilo.conf of your floppy. Or maybe you're
trying to mount the CD itself as the root filesystem ? In that case,
if your drive is (for example) /dev/hdc you should pass root=/dev/hdc
to the kernel via lilo (but make sure you've created the iso with the
-R option)

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