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andrew sprott andru at
Tue Mar 19 12:24:21 PST 2002

hi ppl

i've got a weird one here. i recon that the blank lines in the text files were
affectin the operation of my installation scripts. i think a blank line reset
the exit status of the command in the previous line. so if a error happens
the script won't exit.

couldn't work out how to do a search/replace on all the double cr/lf lines
so i had to reboot into dos and use my own word processor. but the
problem was it saved each script with cr/lf combinations. i believe unix
text files have no lf.

so, i ran a dos utility called change, and stripped out the line feeds
but when i went back into linux, the editos and command line read each
script as a single string of text with no line breaks.

how can i unixify my dos style text files?

andrew sprott

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