spurious 8259a interupt: IRQ7

Don Smith midio at att.net
Mon Mar 18 08:43:46 PST 2002

"Marc Heerdink" <marc at koelkast.net> wrote in message
news:1016455956.1164.26.camel at gimli...
> Op zo 17-03-2002, om 10:34 schreef doc:
> > Hi.
> >     Every now and then, at any time while at a console,the following
> > pops up:
> >
> > spurious 8259a interupt: IRQ7
> >
> >     From what I've noticed, it seems to only come up once per boot,
and only
> > in the lfs system. But it seems to come up at any time, like
> > through logging in, or an hour after. And as far as I can see there
are no
> > devices on irq7.
> >
> >     Thankyou for any help you can offer.
> Try to search google and the kernel mailinglist archives first. This
> interrupt is generated by the Programmable Interrupt Controller. If
> disable it, you'll get rid of the message. AFAIK, this message only
> shows up with VIA chipsets and is entirely harmless. You can avoid
> having the message printed by setting the
> print-kernel-messages-to-console level lower (man dmesg, man klogd).
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> "Mooh!"
> - A Cow.
> Marc Heerdink <marc at koelkast.net>

I get that message when I have a long (10m) serial cable connected to
ttyS1 with no device at the other end. It is harmless but rather
annoying. I don't remember whether it was IRQ7 though.


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