spurious 8259a interupt: IRQ7

Marc Heerdink marc at koelkast.net
Mon Mar 18 04:52:35 PST 2002

Op zo 17-03-2002, om 10:34 schreef doc:
> Hi.
>     Every now and then, at any time while at a console,the following message
> pops up:
> spurious 8259a interupt: IRQ7
>     From what I've noticed, it seems to only come up once per boot, and only
> in the lfs system. But it seems to come up at any time, like half-way
> through logging in, or an hour after. And as far as I can see there are no
> devices on irq7.
>     Thankyou for any help you can offer.

Try to search google and the kernel mailinglist archives first. This
interrupt is generated by the Programmable Interrupt Controller. If you
disable it, you'll get rid of the message. AFAIK, this message only
shows up with VIA chipsets and is entirely harmless. You can avoid
having the message printed by setting the
print-kernel-messages-to-console level lower (man dmesg, man klogd).

- A Cow.

Marc Heerdink <marc at koelkast.net>

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