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Mon Mar 18 04:45:40 PST 2002

Op ma 18-03-2002, om 06:11 schreef Gerard Beekmans:
> On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 05:47:34AM -0800, lfs-support-bounce at wrote:
> > Whenever I initialize a network interface with ifconfig a message always
> > pops up that says
> > eth0: (some success story)
> > I want that message to go away because it is making my bootscripts look
> > ugly.  Unfortunaly, I can just redirect output to /dev/null because the
> > output isn't from ifconfig, it is from a process called eth0.  Is there any
> > way to get rid of this message?
> It's probably from the kernel telling you that the driver for eth0 was
> loaded successfully?
> If so, there are a few options.
> 1) don't make the eth0 driver a module, but compile it directly into the
> kernel. That way you only see the message once during bootup before the
> bootscripts are started.
> 2) Pass the -c option to klogd. See the man page for all you can do with
> klogd. -c sets teh default log level of console messages. The higher the
> value for -c, the less messages you'll see. You need to experiment a bit to
> find the level of the eth0 driver messages. 

3) Run dmesg -n <level>. Read the manpage for more information, a number
of 3 or lower will probably take away most messages.

- A Cow.

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