Sam Halliday sam at neutrino.phy.uct.ac.za
Mon Mar 18 03:21:19 PST 2002

hello everybody,

i have been runngin LFS-3.0 since it came out and have upgraded ever since, i 
do have a few questions however that i would like answered if anybody knows:

1 - i have never been able to get the "uptime" program from sh-utils 
working.. does anyone know how, i was thinking of maybe just writing a script 
to read /proc/uptime and convert this, but having the program there without 
use is such a waste

2 - my passwords are all 8 characters max, in /etc/login.defs i see i can 
change this to more if libcrypt allows, i compiled glibc 2.2.5 with all the 
standard settings, can my crypt support higher passwords?

thanks in advance, LFS is fantastic, i now have 3 mates machines running LFS 
and they rate it over any distro!

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