config.sub: missing argument

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Wed Mar 13 05:34:27 PST 2002

     Bill Maltby, you're my hero! deleting the 'space'after the \ made it
work, It's building now.

     But, then why did it not work the first time? when i typed it out by
hand? I'm not acoustomed to adding extra 'spaces' to things. It wasn't 'til
the last few attempts that I noticed the extra Error on the bottom. Maybe
the other error was sorted out somehow?

     But, no matter. Thanks to Bill, and to Gerard for putting up with my
incompitence. I can tell you that I won't be making that mistake again. LFS
is suposed to be about learning about linux, and now I know how to cut &

     Thankyou again.
     doc256 at

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Date: Thursday, March 14, 2002 11:41 PM
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>I don't know if this is related, but check the below.
>On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, doc wrote:
>> Hi,
>>      I have found no evidece of dynamically linked files, and found that
>> Also, I've noticed at the end of the error notice, that it also prints:
>> /usr/src/glibc-2.2.5/glibc: --enable-add-ons : command not found
>The abive sounds like a good candidate for error. That line is not a
>result of other glibc failures, I think. I think when you copy and pasted,
>either the trailing backslash on the preceding line was omitted or an
>extra space after the backslash was captured.
>E.g. the preceding line s/b
>    ../glibc-2.2.5/configure --prefix=/usr \
>Now, what is not obvious is there _may_ be a space after the \, leading to
>the interpreter not recognizing an escape of the newline (what the back-
>slash is supposed to do), but an escape of the following space.
>This will cause the next line to be treated as a command, not a parameter
>and the resulting "...not found" message will be issued.
>Assure the _last_ character on the line is \, not a space.
>>      I think that it's only reporting that because the inital configure
>> stage failed, and didn't know what to do with the 'switches' after the
>> failed configure atempt. By the way, 'glibc' is the name of the script
>See above
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