Mounting the lfs partition.

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Wed Mar 13 14:07:33 PST 2002

"gyuri kerek" <gyuriker at> wrote in message
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> I am using lfs book 3.0.with glibc 2.2.2on a suse 7.2
> system. I am trying to mount the lfs partition. I get
> the following: root at linux: mount /dev/hdb7
> /mnt/lfs root at linux: mount proc /mnt/lfs/proc -t proc
> root at linux: cd /mnt/lfs && root at linux > chroot
> /mnt/lfs  /usr/bin/env  -i HOME=/root TERM=$TERM
> /bin/bash --login root at linux:chroot: cannot execute
> /usr/bin/env:no such file or directory
> root at linux:/mnt/lfs: In spite of this I have
> decided to see if I could install glibc.After entering
> the installation script I get, root at linux:mknod:
> '/dev/null':file exists.  Gyuri .

1) If chroot fails, don't try the remaining scripts!!! This will really
mess up your host system! This is because you are logged in as root and
can do anything, but you are not safely in the chroot environment. The
/dev/null that exists is your real /dev/null on your host system.

2)The reason chroot fails is because it couldn't find
/mnt/lfs/usr/bin/env. Remember the second parameter on the chroot line
is the command to execute once it has made the first parameter your new
root. You need to go back and reinstall env. I believe that's in the
sh-utils package.


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