Linux 2.4.18 - What was decided vis-a-vis it patch.

Sanctus Evanidus evanidus at
Tue Mar 12 14:56:53 PST 2002

Bill Maltby LFS Related <lfsbill at> wrote:

> I'm downloading to get my stuff upto cvs 3/11. I can't recall
> if it was decided that the patch was needed. It's been a long
> day, so I thought I would prevail on your memory rather than
> trudging through the threads.

I don't know why kernel 2.4.18 was actualy added. In past threads I had been told that instead of providing 2.4.17 with the 2.4.18-rc4 patch (which is missing in 2.4.18 because of a mistake (was then added in 2.4.19-pre1)), would just keep 2.4.17 because by the time another stable LFS release will be made, 2.4.19 will surely be out.

However, for the same reasons I don't see why 2.4.18 could not be in the developement version... 2.4.18 work correctly for "most" people and like I said.. b4 a stable release is made, 2.4.19 will be around and mb even 2.4.20 etc... ;) (this save a time from having to add explanations in the book about why a patch is added while it will be removed later)

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