Can't put lilo on slave drive...

John McGinn ab123 at
Mon Mar 11 14:18:30 PST 2002

I saved a copy of a message from Gerard sometime ago, regarding putting
lilo onto the MBR of the slave drive.

What I did was, log into my LFS system, while it's slave to the RH drive,
and tried to run the lilo app. (I figured the lilo for my RH5.2 system was
too old. Not sure if that's true or not.) When I do that, it gives me a
warning saying, 'Warning: /dev/hdb is not the first disk.' (Or something
very similar.) I looked into the lilo code, and it's doing an is_first()
function call on the device that I'm doing, and the is_first is doing some
major case/switch statement that I didn't dive into. (Something, I think,
about major/minor numbers.) Has anyone else encountered this? I'd like to
move this second hard drive into the spare machine I have and have a sole
LFS machine as my main machine. But, if I can't get it onto the MBR of
this disk, I can't move it. (Well, minus creating a bootable CDROM, or a
bootable Floppy (Tom's Root Disk) and then doing the 'lilo -C ... -b
/dev/hdx'.) Or should I go that route?

Is there any information from my machine that would be helpful? ls'es from
my dev directory of what my /dev/hd[ab] are? (lilo is 22.1)

Thanks for the help
John McGinn
LFS 3.1

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