Bash compile error

Ira Mendell ibm at
Sun Mar 10 12:43:44 PST 2002

My son is now trying to install lfs on his machime.  He's running Redhat
     I have the same machine as his and mine never had these problems. I
just got my lfs working the other day.

He's trying to compile bash-2.05a statically and getting the following

/tmp/cc B6ZINc.s: Assembler messages:
/tmp/cc B6ZINc.s.212:warning:unregongnized section attribute:want a,w,x
/tmp/cc B6ZINc.s:212:Error:Rest of line ignored. First ignored character
make:*** [version,o] Error 1

acctually this goes on for a few lines only the number after B6ZINc.s

Im not sure how to pipe this output into a file so He doesn't have to
type this all out.

           Could this be a gcc problem.
                Thank you for any advice.
                                    Ira and Corey

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