Grub instead of LILO

Jason Gurtz jason at
Fri Mar 8 12:42:47 PST 2002

> One other thing concerning Grub though.  I just downloaded
> grub-0.91.tar.gz  If
> I use the generic install instructions by default 'make
> install' will install
> files to '/usr/local/bin', '/usr/local/man', etc.
>       The grub lfs hint suggests a different approach adding
> '--prefix=/usr' to
> ./configure and adding 'mkdir /boot/grub' then 'cp
> /usr/share/grub..../stage1
> (and stage2) to /boot/grub.
>    This apears to be similar to Redhat 7.2.   I'm temped to
> go for the "hints"
> approach.  Any suggestions?

Yes, go for the hint instructions.  But, be careful!  The latest version
of grub now has some changes so be sure to read and understand the
install files also.  /boot/grub/ seems to have caught on as a standard
place to put the various grub files.  There was a new install script
with this latest grub, but I had to muck around in it quite a bit.




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