Chapter 6, fileutils-4.1 (was: Fw: problem compiling filutils)

Stefan Krah inferno2038 at
Fri Mar 8 06:22:08 PST 2002

* Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Did you guys do anything different during the installation?

No, at least not consciously.

> importantly: did you use the same fileutils directory that you used in
> chapter 5? If so, read chapter 2 again. Never, ever use the same directory
> from chapter 5 (except for the kernel).

No, I deleted each source directory right after installing. One exception:
When installing gcc in chapter 5, the partition was too small; I had to
delete some items and install gcc again. Here I'm not sure whether I used
the same directory twice _within_ chapter 5.

Anyhow, yesterday I formatted the LFS partition and started, well, from
scratch. This time everything worked flawlessly and the system is running.

Things I did differently:

- First time I used PartitionMagic 7.0 to create and format the partition.
  Now I used mke2fs. (I cannot imagine that this could be the cause,
  but who knows?)

- I downloaded 6 glibc patches from SuSE which fix vulnerabilities in
  the glob() functions.

Thanks for the answers,

Stefan Krah

Line 624 of /lib/Makefile (which I finally found thanks to Don!) was:
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/__fpending.Po
On I found article
<45B36A38D959B44CB032DA427A6E10640988D9 at>
where someone experienced similar problems and error messages. The
problems were related to automake, so my next step would have been
to try another version of automake.
But everything works fine now!

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