Build Kernel for Tualatin Celeron 1200??

Hannes Birnbacher noemail915 at
Fri Mar 8 04:17:07 PST 2002

have worked my way through LFS book 20020215 to make menuconfig.
Have built my PC around the a.m. Intel processor, which is a 
little more than the Celeron offered in "menuconfig", in that it 
has a tualatin core (doesn't matter, I think) and a 256KB LII 
cache (don't know). 
Any hints if I should chose an other processor than the 
PIII/Celeron "Coppermine" provided for in menuconfig?

Any hint like "doesn't matter" or an URL where to get further 
information will be welcome! 

TIA, and thanks to Gerald and the others for the LFS project! I 
wish to express my gratitude every day (because it's great fun to 
follow the Book and learn lots of basics:-) but didn't want to 
stuff the newsgroup/your inboxes with meaningless messages.

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