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Tue Mar 5 20:06:15 PST 2002

 Thank you Gerard + Evan for your help, I hope my posts look a little better

But, it seems that I have a new problem, glibc keeps telling me that it
doesn't support my platform, and thus, wont build. How then can it run on my
host OS? Is it because it may have been first compiled on an Intel platform,
and compatable with my AMD Duron 600? If that is the case then all I have to
do is specify an i686 as the host to build for right? Or should I try the
latest revision of glibc first to try to get my proccessors specific
optimisation instructions (like 3dnow! and the like...) all in place,
because they aren't going to be in any Intel optimisations that I know of,
althogh my Duron chip does have MMX, and some other Intel compatible
instructions, I want to be able to optimize as much as possible for my
system. Details for my system are as follows:
AMD Duron 600                          - origonal duron core
MSI K7T Pro Motherboard         - KT133 chipset (not 133a)
Leadtek G-Force2mx sh max    - 64mb mx400 w/tv out
256mb ram
20gb Seagate hdd
Realtek 10/100 NIC
    And I am using version 3.2-rc2 of the LFS book and the all-in-one .tar
pack that matches, so I'm trying to build with glibc 2.95.3. If all I need
to do is change the --host perameter to specify an i686, then could someone
please tell me what else I need to do to ensure that there are no other
problems with building the other prog's, as the book isn't all that clear
about the flags, and the optimisation hint doesn't have me convinced.

Thankyou for your time, and I hope I have fixed the problem with my posts
doubling up.

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