Compiling in chapter 6 doesn't work

Sönke Tesch soenke at
Wed Mar 6 14:13:16 PST 2002

Marc Heerdink wrote:
: patch. No information there, as you noticed. Then I downloaded the glibc
: 2.2.4 tarball, extracted it, patched it with the patch and extracted
: glibc 2.2.5 somewhere else. Running diff -urN between the two dirs
: showed that only some binary translation files differ, which might
: exactly be the problem. These files can't be regenerated without gettext
: and perl, none of which is installed when we get to glibc in chapter 6.

Well, that seems to have been another problem. As suggested here I chmod'd 
the files in script/ which made that execv-error disappear but then I 
stumbled across some "unknown command 'no'", and that message was displayed
with some perl file.

So, another lesson learned: never try to patch in chapter 6 :) 

I've now downloaded the 2.2.5 tarball and it compiled out-of-the-box, not 
even that small problem with -march=i586 and --host that I had with 2.2.4 
appeared in this version (read: looks like cross-compiling on a Duron for
a Pentium now works fine here from the beginning to the end, no extra
things to do but setting -march and/or --host).

Thanks everybody :)

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