Possible error in chapter 6 bzip2 instructions

Don Smith midio at att.net
Wed Mar 6 09:48:52 PST 2002

"Marc Heerdink" <marc at koelkast.net> wrote in message
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> Op wo 06-03-2002, om 14:14 schreef wsheldahl at qx.net:
> [..]
> > Now the details that might make the problem unique to me. I'm using
> > book version 3.2rc1 because that was the current version when I
> > started. I checked 3.2rc2 and the cvs book last night, and they both
> > the same instruction in place. I'm also using the "keep chapters 5
and 6
> > separate" hint
> There we have the problem. The book assumes that the static bzip2 was
> installed into /, not into /static. The file you were missing is in
> /static/usr/lib, but you don't need to delete it because /static is
> entirely deleted after the LFS build.
> > and installing stuff in the order it suggests, instead of the
> > book's order. Finally, any time there's a long set of instructions
like this, I
> > usually put them in a file called "script" with the line
"#!/bin/bash" at the
> > top, and run it by typing `bash script` at the command prompt. When
> > got it to run successfully, I did so by just commenting out the
> > line. Saves lots of typing.
> >
> > Like I said, I was able to work past the problem; I just wanted to
see if
> > the book was in error, this was a freak occurrence on my system or
> > my system is still slightly messed up and I just don't know it yet
(though I
> > doubt this). This is my first LFS; I'm doing it on a P90, and only
for an
> > hour or two each evening, so it will be a while yet before I finish
> > book.
> This is not a problem in the book, because the book doesn't assume the
> keep..seperate hint is used. When we implement the hint in the book
> (after 3.2-final is out, it will be the major change for LFS 4.0) the
> installation instructions will be adapted to the new situation.

Perhaps adding the -f option the to rm command will avoid this problem
all together.


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