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Sat Mar 2 07:37:45 PST 2002

Alexander Boulgakov <root_excavator at> wrote:
> Can anyone please explain why the lfs-book (3.2-rc2) warns not to 
> optimize glibc? Are there bugs? What happens if I optimize? After all, 
> IMHO glibc has some of the most frequently used functions in the entire 
> system, so tightening the code as much as possible will have an impact 
> on the whole system. What is going on? Any fixes? Has anyone tried 
> this?, etc. I looked in the glibc FAQ and INSTALL and README, and found 
> no information.

The packages glibc, gcc, and binutils are bad places to optimize
for a couple reasons.
1) They are large complex packages and therefore likely to have
2) All other packages rely on them either to build or to run,
   therefore a problem with one of them will appear as a problem
   with all packages but it won't be obvious where the problem is.

The FAQ and list archives are the best places to look for specific
problems you may encounter. And as always, if you want to know for
sure, try it yourself. The only results you can really trust are
your own.

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