how to creat a compact linux system ?

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Sat Jun 8 09:04:33 PDT 2002

Cor Lem <c-lem at> wrote:
> At 14:31 7-6-02 +0800, you wrote:
> >first,i'm sorry for my pool english.

Don't worry about it. If you checked for typos before posting, your
English would be more than sufficient.

> >the book say :"We installed a system that was just enough to run the 
> >Apache web server; total disk space usage was approximately 8 MB.With 
> >further stripping, that can be brought down to 5 MB or less."
> >
> >somebody can tell me how i can do this .thanks a lot.

There is a FAQ entry answering this question. The FAQ is at and the entry is titled "How
do I make that really small install the book mentions?" You will
so often save yourself time if you check the FAQ before posting.

> I think blfs-support is a better place to point this message to ...


> <snip links to many useful resources>

Nice list. I've improved the FAQ entry with a link to that post.
Thank you.

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