how to creat a compact linux system ?

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Fri Jun 7 04:18:27 PDT 2002

At 14:31 7-6-02 +0800, you wrote:
>first,i'm sorry for my pool english.
>the book say :"We installed a system that was just enough to run the 
>Apache web server; total disk space usage was approximately 8 MB.With 
>further stripping, that can be brought down to 5 MB or less."
>somebody can tell me how i can do this .thanks a lot.

I think blfs-support is a better place to point this message to ...

Anyway, I found an answer to that question - I started reading:

Just copy over only what you need and use ldd 'file' to find out what 
libraries are needed.
Using that method I have created a minimal (logging-)host, size 15Mb.

I didn't strip the debugging-symbols, which would bring size even down a 
little more.

On a regular LFS-system all files are compiled using glibc. An alternative 
to glibc is uClibc which results in smaller binaries.

Also take a look at busybox:

Using uClibc and busybox the size of my log-server is under 1Mb now 
(including kernel)
Hope this helps you get on your way ...

Cor Lem

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