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> Hey, I'm yet another "advanced" windows (l)usr presently making the
> to Linux.  I'm using Mandrake 8.1 now, but am in the process of putting
> together an LFS system, for obvious reasons.
> I have a question about the layout and directory naming schema of the *nix
> file system.  As someone comming from windows, I find it to be cryptic,
> esoteric, convoluted, sloppy, disorganized, irrational, etc; all
needlessly so
> imo. :-)  I realize it *is* how it *is* due to things like convention and
> security, but I'm wondering how easy or even possible it is to customize
> change the layout to suit one's proclivities, when setting-up a new system
> other words, like a new LFS system and not to modify an already installed
> system.)
> For example, I have modded the windows registry and system text files on
> systems extensively to give me the following folder structure:
> -/Personal Files/User "x"/Documents; /File Transfer;
> /MP3; Images/BMP, /JPG, /GIF, /PNG, /ICO; /Video/AVI, /Quick Time, /MPG
> (etc...)
> -Program Files/Coomunications/Internet/WWW/Browser; /Entertainment/Games;
> /Productivity/MS Office, /Dreamweaver, /Photoshop; /Reference;
> Files, /Multimedia, /Security (etc...)
> -OS (windows folder)
> For linux, I'd like to similarly modify the directory structure and names
> directories, perhaps alongs the following lines:
> -User Files/User "x"
> -Program Files (can you think of anything better? =) Btw, OS files would
> into a sub-directory of this folder.....)
> Essentially I'd end-up consolidating and reorganizing the locations of all
> files on a standard, default Linux setup, formalizing the layout of
> directories into a very heirarchical structure for placing current files
> any future files to be installed.
> Do you see what I'm getting at?  If so, how difficult an operation would
> be?  In terms of the current LFS system I'm setting-up, I'm going to
adhere to
> the default locations and setup, but after setting-up my first LFS system,
> like to put together a new one, customizing the file system to my liking.
> TIA for any and all replies. :-)

Wow. Prepare yourself for a lot of problems!!! Most programs are easy enough
to relocate to a new file hierarchy but you'll end up with lots of
configuration lines. When installing a package from source, you'll usally
begin with ./configure --<options>. You'll have to provide <options> for
every package concerning the location of their own files AND the location of
other files they'll need. Imagine doing this for +100 packages... This means
it won't be that easy to adjust an existing (LFS) system to a new directory
layout, unless you'll be using symlinks, which kind of diminishes your
purpose. Hmm, I guess it's possible but it will be a lot of work and
generally more troubles than a newbie should ask for!!
It should be interesting though...
Hope you have a lot of spare time!
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