Question about file system layout

Keith MacDonald keith.macdonald at
Sat Sep 29 20:43:29 PDT 2001

Hey, I'm yet another "advanced" windows (l)usr presently making the transition 
to Linux.  I'm using Mandrake 8.1 now, but am in the process of putting 
together an LFS system, for obvious reasons.

I have a question about the layout and directory naming schema of the *nix 
file system.  As someone comming from windows, I find it to be cryptic, 
esoteric, convoluted, sloppy, disorganized, irrational, etc; all needlessly so 
imo. :-)  I realize it *is* how it *is* due to things like convention and 
security, but I'm wondering how easy or even possible it is to customize or 
change the layout to suit one's proclivities, when setting-up a new system (in 
other words, like a new LFS system and not to modify an already installed 

For example, I have modded the windows registry and system text files on my 
systems extensively to give me the following folder structure:

-/Personal Files/User "x"/Documents; /File Transfer; /Multimedia/Audio/WAV, 
/MP3; Images/BMP, /JPG, /GIF, /PNG, /ICO; /Video/AVI, /Quick Time, /MPG 
-Program Files/Coomunications/Internet/WWW/Browser; /Entertainment/Games; 
/Productivity/MS Office, /Dreamweaver, /Photoshop; /Reference; /System/Common 
Files, /Multimedia, /Security (etc...)
-OS (windows folder)

For linux, I'd like to similarly modify the directory structure and names of 
directories, perhaps alongs the following lines:

-User Files/User "x"
-Program Files (can you think of anything better? =) Btw, OS files would go 
into a sub-directory of this folder.....)

Essentially I'd end-up consolidating and reorganizing the locations of all the 
files on a standard, default Linux setup, formalizing the layout of 
directories into a very heirarchical structure for placing current files *and* 
any future files to be installed.

Do you see what I'm getting at?  If so, how difficult an operation would this 
be?  In terms of the current LFS system I'm setting-up, I'm going to adhere to 
the default locations and setup, but after setting-up my first LFS system, I'd 
like to put together a new one, customizing the file system to my liking.

TIA for any and all replies. :-)

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