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J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Fri Sep 28 08:56:27 PDT 2001

Bosschert, B. (is-ks wrote:

> I compiled blackbox and after that I want to use bsetbg I get the error that
> grep couldn't be found, and that I have to set the path to grep in my PATH.
> Well everything seems ok to me. Grep is working fine and stands on the right
> place. If I try to run the binary of bsetbg which is working fine in debian,
> I get the same error. Even if I only want to know what version bsetbg is. It
> also don't work if I use the grep binary from my debian install. So, I'm
> stuck now.. maybe someone got an idea what was wrong. Am I missing some
> libraries or something like that?

bsetbg is a shell script. It tries to find grep by using `which grep`. Hence, 
if you don't have which it will complain. How to fix it? Open bsetbg in your 
favourite text editor and change ...

Since we know you have grep, you want to make the bsetbg script to not run its 
tests using which (unless you have which). Find (~line 66) and remove ...
     echo "$NAME: error: couldn't find grep!"
     echo "this script needs grep to be in your path in order to function." 
     echo "you can get GNU grep from" && exit 1

and (~line 614)

case `which grep 2>&1` in */*grep) : ;;
        error_msg nogrep


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