Cross compiling LFS

Lassi Marttala lassi.marttalaNoFuCkInG at
Fri Sep 28 03:46:34 PDT 2001

Hi all.
Just popped in to ask if it is possible to build LFS on another machine and
use it on another. I read few first chapters of the book and i got the image
that it is only possible to compile the system on the same arcitechture it
is going to be used on...

The machine used for compile:
i686 at 920 (AMD athlon)
30Gb HD
Distr: Mandrake 8.0 with some packages from 8.1
Kernel 2.4.3
glibc 2.2 (.2 IIRC)

The target machine:
i586 at 166 (Intel Pentium)
220Mb+550Mb HDs

I want to learn how Linux system works from top to bottom and i want to know
exactly what stuff my system has. I see that LFS could be the perfect
What i need is a linux box that is used for ip-masquerading of my other
machines through a cable modem and a simple X to use one application. This
is my own  network monitoring software based on pcap and QT.

I managed to make such system from RH7.1 but i dont feel comfortable with it
as i i feel that there's still tons of unnecessary crap and i have no idea
how the boot scripts work.

I would like to build and maintain the LFS on a partition on my Mandrake
machine and only copy files (or dd images if necessary) to target machine
when i make some changes.

Any pointer/hints would be greatly appreciated.

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