Problem with the first package of ch6 : Glibc

Nicolas FRANCOIS (AKA El Bofo) nicolas.francois at
Mon Sep 24 11:47:46 PDT 2001

I have troubles configuring glibc on my LFS3.0 build : I come from a
3.0pre2, with glibc 2.2.3 and gcc I followed all the hints from
the static part, disabling my "-O3 -march=pentiumpro" CFLAGS for binutils
and so on.

Getting to chroot, I try to compile my new glibc 2.2.4, but configure
fails on :
checking for signed size_t type...

Third time I recompile everything, with or without optimizations.

What's the problem doc ?


(sorry if this mail was allready sent, it was forwarded from a wrong list,
and I didn't see it on lfs-support since then)


                   Nicolas FRANCOIS
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