[3] chroot problem

luca de filippis merloplano at tiscalinet.it
Mon Oct 29 04:44:24 PST 2001

"Matthias Benkmann" <matthias at winterdrache.de> wrote on 10/27/01 7:35:17 
PM :
>> but the book writes /lfs /usr/bin/env
>> and not /lfs/usr/bin/env
>First of all, the book does not write /lfs /usr/bin/env. The book has
>$LFS /usr/bin/env
>I assume that the $LFS you used during chapter 5 is /lfs because you 
>used /lfs rather than $LFS in your message.

correct. i've tried with /lfs because i was not sure it was a variable 
setting problem. and i've posted that command. 

>or you did not have $LFS set, so instead of installing in the 
>$LFS tree you have replaced your host distro's sh-utils with crippled 
>static versions.  

ops, it is possible that i've made export $LFS=/lfs in another window.

>I have pointed out very often that it is foolish of 
>the book to recommend installing chapter 5 as root.

now i know, i'm new to the list.

>Make sure you DON'T install chapter 5 
>as root next time. That will protect you against this kind of problem.

ok,  i have to start again. and i have even to install a fresh host

>Nietzsche: God is dead!
>God: Nietzsche is dead!

at least one smile after the bad news. 


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