Bryan K. Lawrence krystopher at mail.com
Mon Oct 29 04:07:34 PST 2001

Dirk Heinrichs wrote:

> Bryan K. Lawrence wrote:
>>I'm running LFS with PAM, but I installed it after everything else.  I
>>think once PAM was in that I re-compiled the shadow stuff.  Also, if you
> I'll try this later, it didn't work for me when trying to do it at LFS
> install.
>>use KDE, then KDE should be recompiled too.
> Hehe, KDE will shurely be a nightmare on the Amiga ;-)
>>For a new system, then I would suggest installing PAM before shadow.
> This is what I did. I first installed PAM (including libpam.a), then
> configured shadow with --with-libpam and also copied the sample configs
> from <shadow>/etc/pam.d to $LFS/etc/pam.d, then tried to set the root
> password, I think I got "permission denied" and also "login root" failed
> with "Login incorrect" without any prompt appearing.
> So I recompiled shadow once again w/o PAM support, just to finish
> installation.
> Do you remember what you did exactly to get it working.
> Bye...
>     Dirk

Be carefull with the default PAM configs.  That may be where you're probem 
is.  Try taking them out except for "other" and change "other" to do a 
basic unix type login. (There is a hit or the PAM manuals say how to do 

If that works, then try copying "other" to "login" and test again.  if that 
works, then you have a basic template to work with for other programs. Once 
its all working though, you should go back and check/change all the files 
to make them more secure.  

Also the config files for passwd, groupadd, etc. (all go under "shadow") 
will be different then the one for login.

That's what I did to make it work, and it does, with only a couple minor 
glitched I have not yet worked out.

Hope this helps.

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