Building a j2ee implementation from scratch - interested?

Vijayan Sampath vijayan_ms at
Mon Oct 29 03:29:43 PST 2001

> I think it would be nice to build the available open-source software that
is needed to provide a J2EE implementation 'from scratch'.

> - Apache (for static content) (probably optional)
Not optional, I would say that it's better since if you plan to have static
content, Apache's the best.

> Is there a need for such a hint?

> Has anyone build a full (or a partial) J2EE-system on top of  LFS? Would
You like to share Your knowledge?
I haven't actually built it yet (but thanks for the idea ;-)

> Is the above package selection reasonable? What should I add?
I have a doubt about adding the JDK with this. Does Sun allow you to bundle
the JDK src's ?? Don't they have some sort of license that you have to sign
first ??? (Just my 2c)


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