Building a j2ee implementation from scratch - interested?

Dieter Scholz dscholz at
Mon Oct 29 03:10:41 PST 2001


I've recently started to learn Java and the technologies of the J2EE

I think it would be nice to build the available open-source software that is
needed to provide a J2EE implementation 'from scratch'. If I'm successful I
would like to share my knowledge and write a hint.

As far as I know by now, it is necessary to include the following packages:

- Apache (for static content) (probably optional)
- Apache Cocoon (for XML processing) (probably optional)
- Tomcat (for Webservices)
- a Database (I think Postgresql should be used)
- OpenLDAP (for name lookup)
- a mail server (perhaps Qmail)
- the JBoss suite (for Beans, JMS, etc)
- some other packages: JDK, Ant, ...

My questions:

Is there a need for such a hint?
Has anyone build a full (or a partial) J2EE-system on top of  LFS? Would You
like to share Your knowledge?
Is the above package selection reasonable? What should I add?

Please comment my suggestion.


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