Standard bootscript locations?

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Mon Oct 29 01:45:11 PST 2001

On 28 Oct 2001, at 18:09, Debian User wrote:

> I know it says in the book that lfs is user's system, but is there
> standard place
> for bootscript commands?

There are several standard locations for boot scripts:
/etc/rc.d, /etc/init.d, /sbin/init.d

so if you follow the LFS book (/etc/init.d), you are using a standard 
As for which script should contain which commands (i.e. should sshd and 
telnetd be started in the same script and what the script should be 
called), there is no such standard that I know of.

Who is this General Failure,
and why is he reading my disk ?

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