Dirk Heinrichs heinrichs at qis-systemhaus.de
Sun Oct 28 23:11:21 PST 2001

Bryan K. Lawrence wrote:

>I'm running LFS with PAM, but I installed it after everything else.  I 
>think once PAM was in that I re-compiled the shadow stuff.  Also, if you
I'll try this later, it didn't work for me when trying to do it at LFS 

>use KDE, then KDE should be recompiled too.
Hehe, KDE will shurely be a nightmare on the Amiga ;-)

>For a new system, then I would suggest installing PAM before shadow.
This is what I did. I first installed PAM (including libpam.a), then 
configured shadow with --with-libpam and also copied the sample configs 
from <shadow>/etc/pam.d to $LFS/etc/pam.d, then tried to set the root 
password, I think I got "permission denied" and also "login root" failed 
with "Login incorrect" without any prompt appearing.

So I recompiled shadow once again w/o PAM support, just to finish 

Do you remember what you did exactly to get it working.



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