(Keyboard | shell) problem

Seth W. Klein sklein at mint.net
Sun Oct 28 17:53:41 PST 2001

Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> On 16 Oct 2001, at 23:53, Sébastien HINDERER wrote:
> >   On the Lfs, the home key works under the chell, but not the end key that
> > inserts a ~ (same problem with del) Does someone know what I can do?
> Search the archives for "inputrc".
> I don't see this on the FAQ. Why? Seems to me the question is asked at
> least once every 2 weeks.

Not quite every two weeks, i think, but close. It's not in the FAQ for
a couple reasons:
    One, i lack clue in this area and no one else has provided a
        solution i can be sure of without that clue.
    Two, it doesn't belong in the FAQ because it involves setting
        up very typical hardware (Home and Delete keys) to function
        as normally expected.
And so it is both beyond my responsibility and my skill. Will
someone else take it up?

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