Double PS/2 ports

Anthony Frazier afrazier at
Sun Oct 28 11:43:34 PST 2001

In article <9rgpnh$csb$1 at>, tetsu at 

> First of all, I don't know which device in /dev to use for the pointer.
> There is one called
> "psaux" but when I try it and start X, my keyboard is activated to the
> pointer. This means, I

Actually, I don't think that they keyboard has a device entry in /dev.  
/dev/psaux should be your mouse port.  Since I'm not in linux right now, i 
can't check, but I'm almost positive that's how it should be.

> I've parallell installed Mandrake and it seems to be using a device called
> /dev/mouse  (or /dev/psmouse, can't remember which). Any sudgestions what I
> can do?

If you do an ls -l on /dev/mouse, it should be pointing to /dev/psaux.  (It's 
been a while since I've used Mandrake, so I can't remember for sure.)


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