help with installing Grep-2.4.2

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Fri Oct 26 16:56:12 PDT 2001

DUDE youwhere right thxs alot for the help man...

and judge by the dirs how do you check if the programs are installed

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>Subject: Re: help with installing Grep-2.4.2
>Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 01:05:15 +0200
>On 26 Oct 2001, at 22:50, superh superh wrote:
> > No i am sorry but i tried that and it still can back with the same 
>You certainly mistyped (this can happen several times in a row, so even if
>you tried multiple times it's a possibility). If you really did export
>CPPFLAGS correctly, then there would be no re_max_failures in your source
>files and there could in no conceivable way be an error message about it.
>There has to be a typo to blame. Maybe you forgot the "2" at the end or
>the "-D" after the "=". Wipe the source tree ("make distclean" is NOT
>enough), unpack again and try it again. Don't forget the "export". Don't
>forget the "2" at the end, don't forget the
>"-D". Don't type any spaces or tabs around the "=". Make sure you typed
>re_max_failures correctly (that's "failureS", not just "failure"). Double-
>check the output of
>It positively has to work. Cut'n'paste from the book is the best way of
>course. If necessary, use a text editor to extract the section to a file
>and make it executable.
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