Where to put route command?

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at nexgo.de
Fri Oct 26 06:55:28 PDT 2001

[25.10.01 21:34 -0500] Debian User <-- :
> I know one of the ideas behind the lfs system is that it is my system
> and I can put route whereever I want.  But is there a standard place?
> I would like to be able to find it a year from now after I forgot where
> I put it.
Mine is located in /sbin for these reasons:
1. it is necessary for admins network diagnosis (so some sbin dir)
I do not judge route to be necessary for normal users

2. if the system is somehow "network starting" it is root-essential
I don't deal with networks, so the second might sound a bit funny.
What I mean with that is, if I have only the smallest thinkable root
partition mounted (cause other things fail) will I be able to do all
networking diagnosis and repair with the programs on the root partition?

Just my opinion, arguments partly stolen from fhs-2.1 version.
Erika Pacholleck <pchllck at nexgo.de> @@ -18,9 +18,12 @@ -p+pa -h+ho -c+ec
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